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Connect Retail

Connect Retail

The sector’s only truly end-to-end e-commerce solution for new or used car purchase.

We understand customer journeys in both the physical and digital space. It’s this expertise that allows our e-commerce solutions to be deployed in any environment, from shopping malls to event spaces, in dealership or online and across all devices and franchise models.

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Connect Search

Our comprehensive New and Used vehicle research and search tool that provides seamless enquiry and purchase journeys within a totally brand-compliant, immersive user experience. Our IMS, which is fully integrated with Connect Search, incorporates an OEM VIN decode for each client, ensuring that vehicles are described accurately and consistently while also minimising admin effort.

We actually produced our first transaction-focused online car locator way back in 1995. We’ve been driving sales for OEMs and dealers across the world ever since. Our customers are relying on Connect Search in over 100 countries and 40 languages to promote their Approved vehicle programmes and vehicle stock.

Connect Site

As an OEM, you want to ensure your dealers respect your brand and the millions you spend on marketing it. You also want to be able to compare customer behaviour and metrics across every dealership. As a dealer, you know what's best for your business and local customers. Connect Site, powered by the our CMS engine, provides a brand compliant, responsive, global platform, which supports flexible, multi-hierarchy content creation and real time deployment across any size of network.

Our platform is flexible enough to support anything from a multi-lingual, multi-brand global engagement down to a single dealer in a single market.

Connect 360

Our image capture App was designed with your sales people and process in mind. We make it easy to capture photos and interior and exterior walk rounds, allowing you to list your cars immediately.

OEMs benefit from real-time and actionable imagery level reporting and our photo QA team can help guarantee quality and consistency across all dealerships.

Interactive content is proven to increase page views and conversion online. Displaying vehicles from all angles conveys transparency and builds trust.

Connect Drive

Test drives sell cars. That’s why we created Connect Drive. Our test drive management app transforms the effectiveness of the sales process.

It's quick and easy for a customer to book. You can then manage the test drive process, from booking to handover and follow-up, track sales performance and most importantly keep track of the utilisation of your demo and loan cars.

As an OEM you have a real-time view of test drive activity within the dealer network, something not possible until now. Demo plans and bonuses can now be agreed and paid based on fact.

Connect Service

Focus on what really matters: making customers happy. Connect Service has been designed to increase transparency and trust in your business through presenting instant online pricing and actual available booking slots to the customer. Our platform reduces no-shows, saves time and improves customer retention and satisfaction.

Connect Commerce

Our responsive shop platform increases Parts, Accessories and Merchandise sales for your business and provides valuable search authority to draw transaction-focused traffic into your business. Connect Commerce also seamlessly links into the likes of eBay and Amazon, providing significant exposure via brands that your customers already know and trust.

Connect Car

Connect Car

Customers’ relationships with their car and dealer are undergoing rapid change. Our direct-to-consumer ownership app can now leverage any smart phone to deliver a branded and dynamic CRM driven relationship, (re-)engaging each customer through relevant and immediate conversation.

We know that this drives retention, loyalty, customer satisfaction, and eventual re-transaction even where there is no prior relationship due to purchase from outside your official network.

As an added benefit, we can “connect” unconnected cars, providing a dongle based ownership and management experience to any OBD2 equipped vehicle. This gives more reason to use the App and further reinforces the relationship.

Connect Car unlocks significant retail and relationship opportunities throughout the ownership lifecycle.

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Driven by Data

Accelerate your company's shift to becoming data-driven with our robust Data Science tools. Uniquely our platform uses Inventory Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI to deliver measurable business results

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Customer Insight

Volkswagen Group

Connect-Auto’s online experience, brand interpretation and knowledge of customer digital journeys has been invaluable to the success of our partnership

Head of Customer Quality

Automotive Website Awards

Continually and consistently outranked the competition because of their implementation of SEO best practices and industry-leading site architecture and design

Brian Pasch - Chairman

Mercedes-Benz UK

My Service enabled us to re-invent the way we approached our aftersales business, allowing us to focus on ensuring that customers have the option to choose how they’d like to deal with us, making owning and maintaining their Mercedes-Benz painless, transparent and above all enjoyable

Marcus Breitschwerdt - CEO